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Friday, July 6, 2018

Dinkum Assorted Auditions


Dinkum Assorted
Thursday July 19
7pm at Queenscliff RSL

Following the sell-out success of After Dinner we are looking for a cast of 14 ladies of all ages for our October show, Dinkum Assorted by Linda Aronson.

We are very excited to welcome Jennie Roles as the Director and welcome back Ron Sudden as Musical Director.

Auditions for Dinkum Assorted will be on Thursday July 19th from 7pm at Queenscliff RSL, Cnr King and Hesse St, with callbacks at the same venue on Sunday July 22nd from 1pm.

To book an audition slot please call Laura Perry on 0416 150 642.
Audition forms can be downloaded here

For your audition please prepare a monologue of 1-3 minutes and a song from the WWII era.
Please provide either sheet music for the accompanist, or a backing track on a suitable playback device.

Dinkum Assorted

In a little outback Queensland town during World War II, almost all the men are away overseas leaving 15 very different hardworking women and Rita the Nanny goat to save the local Biscuit Factory, organise ‘Mum’s Army’ Civil Defence Unit, cope with the fact that two thousand US airmen have just been stationed outside town and put on a dazzling all taping show for the War Effort.
Be prepared to laugh, cry at this very funny musical comedy about a group of women striving for personal and professional freedom against the backdrop of a changing world.
Ladies find your tools, get your vocals warmed up and dust off your tap shoes we are looking for 15 ladies of varying ages to stage this wonderful Australian play by Linda Aronson.
Each Lady is as different as the biscuits you will find in assorted packs of biscuits, some sweet, some savoury depending on their age and life’s experiences.

Cast –
15 women aged from around 17 to 70 with the ability to sing and tap dance (or fake it) required.

Rita – A goat (preferably not a real one!)
Joan – approximately 35
Elegant, well-spoken, intense woman attempting to get custody of her only daughter.  Joan has only just moved to town and started work at the factory.

Connie – 60+
Larger than life tea lady of the factory.  The lady who knows all the gossip.  Connie is originally for the North of England and not always popular with the other ladies.

Millie – 25 -30
Newly widowed. Millie cannot accept the news of her husband’s death as truth.

Grace – 50+
Forewoman of the Wafer biscuit department. Forceful take charge character.

Vi – Late teens – Early 20’s
Vi has stars in her eyes and is going to be a star in Hollywood one day (or maybe Tamworth).

Rosie - Late teens – Early 20’s
Vi’s best friend she tries to keep up with Vi’s theatrical expectations but she is not that ambitious.

Florrie - 70ish
A woman who tells it like it is and is not afraid to make sure the young ones know it.

Big Beat – No defined age
A tall and imposing woman.  Little Beat’s best friend.

Little Beat – 30+
Big beat’s best friend

Ethel – 40+
The perpetual victim who is nobody’s fool.

Pearl – 40 to 50
The hard working straight talking forewoman of the cream biscuit department.

 Glad -  20 to 30
 The extremely pregnant woman who can fix anything mechanical.

Doris – 30+
Friend of Edie

Edie – 30+
Friend of Doris

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