Message Of The Month

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Join our new play reading nights in 2023

Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group is kicking off a new program of free play reading nights at the Queenscliff RSL starting Monday 20 February from 7pm to 9pm.

Called Stage to Page, this new community event is aimed at having fun.

President Terry Fogg said: "If you're interested in reading scenes or short plays, then come along. No experience is necessary, and everyone gets a go. We'll have different themes each month, from comedy to drama, monologues to accents. 

"We sit around a table to read the scripts, so there's no stage fright or learning lines involved!

"Bring your own drinks, and we'll put on cheese and biscuits."

The free play reading nights will be held in the third week of each month, alternating between Monday and Thursday nights. For more details or to register, email

Stage to Page dates

The dates for play reading nights in 2023 are shown below:

Monday February 20                    Thursday 16 March

Monday 17 April                            Thursday 18 May

Monday 19 June                           Thursday 20 July

Monday 21 August                        Thursday 21 September

Monday 16 October                      Thursday 16 November

The play reading nights are held at the Queenscliff RSL, 9 King Street, Queenscliff, at 7pm.