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Honour Board

Foundation Members
The following members established Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group in 2001. They were each awarded Life Membership in November 2011, at our 10th Year Birthday celebration.

Norma Addison
Ellen Bourke

Rosemary Cowell
Elizabeth Coyne
Olive Deimos
Cynthia Hughes
Trisha Phyland
Doreen Stewart

Val Lawrence is the Patron of the Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group and has maintained this position since 2001.

Rehearsal Pianist
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Coyne is the Company's rehearsal pianist. She has played in all of our shows, and at almost every musical rehearsal.

Gil Allbutt Lighthouse Awards
Gil has been a member since 2002 and has played percussion for many of our shows. He personally creates each lighthouse trophy, and is proud to present them each year to members he believes are worthy recipients. Awards for The King and I are shown at the end of this page.

Virtual Oscar Nominations
The highly respected independent website Entertainment Geelong reviews every show in the region, and presents annual Virtual Oscar awards.
Nominated in 2011 - The King and I
  • Best Supporting Female Actor - Nicole Hickman
  • Best Supporting Female Actor - Tara Vagg
  • Most Innovative Feature - Justine Bratanavicius "Small House Ballet"
  • Most Refreshing Newcomer - William Reed

Borough of Queenscliffe Awards
We continue to receive strong support from our local council, including these awards recognising the valuable role played by QLTG in our area.
  • 2004 Community Service of the Year - Queenscliffe Lighthouse Theatre Group
  • 2010 Community Event of the Year - Fort Queenscliff 150th

Success Stories
Our productions are a great environment for developing or maintaining amateur theatre skills. You may recognise some current or past QLTG names, from their work elsewhere.
  • Edwina Royce
  • William Reed
  • Tara Vagg
  • Melinda Hughes
  • Nicole Hickman
  • Jennifer Stirk
  • Mantelli Family
  • Brianna Giles
  • Ian Royce
  • Hannah Petrie-Allbutt
  • Adelle Gregory
  • Simon Thorne
  • John McCarthy
  • Dan Eastwood
Have you spotted another QLTG success story? Or found a good online biography for someone on our list? We're always looking for updates and relevant links: please Contact Us to provide the details.

Gil Allbutt Lighthouse Awards: The King and I
Michael Wilding (Musical Director), Dan Eastwood (The King), Melinda Thorne (Anna Leonowens)
William Reed (Lun Tha), Tara Vagg (Tiptim)
Bernard Reed (Captain Orton) with Sueanne Reed