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Saturday, June 8, 2019

Cast Announcement - Nunsense

Congratulations to everyone for their wonderful auditions for “Nunsense.” It gives us great pleasure to announce our cast!

Reverend Mother - Jennie Tonzing
Sister Hubert - Carol Fogg
Sister Robert Anne - Jessica Dolley
Sister Amnesia - Lisa Jones
Sister Leo - Tamasyn Shannon

Sister Madeleine - Heather Kiddle
Sister Mary Annette - Herself

Sister Penelope - Herself

Production Team
Director - Debbie Fraser
Vocal Director - Lisa Jones
Choreographer - Debbie Fraser
Production Manager - Allison Whytcross

Congratulations again to our wonderful cast!

Nunsense will be staged at Queenscliff Uniting Church Hall from September 13-21
We look forward to seeing you there!