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Friday, February 22, 2013

Blue or Red ..or maybe Both

Does the cast of Oliver! include one of your young friends or relatives?

Are you ready to book your family's seats to the show? Read on.. this is important.

We have two casts of children, who share the performances to avoid becoming over-tired. If you want to catch a particular young performer, please check whether they're in the Blue or Red team, before booking your seats.

To see when the Blue and Red teams are appearing, check our list of show times. Tickets are selling quickly, so buy yours SOON to secure your favourite seats.

Another popular solution is to buy seats for TWO shows - one Blue team, one Red team. Both sets of kids are terrific performers with loads of energy, and they each bring a different personality. It's a great night out, so why not enjoy it twice?

PS. Teams are used only for children: the adult cast remains constant throughout.